Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Springer Family Visit

The Springer family (Jonathan, Renee, Kylie, Korey and Kamryn) came to our church for a service (they are going as medical missionaries to Mexico) and came over afterwards for snack at our house...

Me with Korey (2 yrs old) and Kylie (3 yrs old)

Korey hiding behind the chair after we caught him trying on my shoes; and emarrassed him! LOL


Kamryn (1 yr old) with her mommy Renee

Kylie and Korey

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Blessing in a Fur Coat

A kitten makes a little girl VERY happy... :0) She was out riding her bike and he just showed up and that was the end of the bike riding LOL She played with him for the rest of the night, and now he's "her" kitten...

Birthday Party

While we were up at camp, we got to go over for a few hours to our nephew Jeffery's birthday party. Here are a few pictures from that...

Jeffery with the Popcorn candy we got him (because that's a nickname we use LOL)
Him and big sis (Jessica) with his birthday balloons!

The adorable birthday boy!

The little munchkin brother Jerrod

Birthday Party continued

More birthday party pics

The ornery birthday boy
LOL Jerrod with a bow on his head
Blowing out all the candles!

The awesome candle flower that shoots like a sparkler in the middle and has the candles all around it!

Stoneboro Camp Meeting

We were up at Stoneboro, Pa for camp meeting for ten days--thus the reason why its been forever since I have posted anything! :0) However, I thought I'd post a few pics we too while up there...

Us posing in our cabin before a service LOL
Our little "home away from home" while at camp

Bible Presentation and a tearful fairwell

On our last sunday with Danielle before she headed off to college and we headed off to Stoneboro camp, the church presented her with a NKJ version Bible. She is going to Mary Baldwin and we are very proud of her! Keep her in your prayers!

Me and Danielle at our house...not sure what she's doing LOL

Our two Church grads-Danielle and Nathan (he's also going to a local community college)

Preacher presenting Danielle with her Bible

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Our nephew, Jeffery, turned the big 4 today!!! Unfortunately, we aren't able to be there for his actual birthday, but are planning to be there for his party! :0) He's a pretty special little guy and we love him to death! Happy Birthday "popcorn"! :-) (that's a nickname with a story behind it...that's just between him and me) :0)

This picture is not exactly "up-to-date" was taken about 1 yr ago at his little brothers dedication service. But I thought it was cute! :0)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Through Congo Shadows

Recently I read a very good missionary book entitled "Through Congo Shadows". It was written by the mother of the subject of the book because he died a martyrs death. I really enjoyed this book, but even more than that it challenged my heart. Would I be that dedicated to a people if God called me to go? Would I lay down my life along side them? It definately gives us something to think about. I would hope that I would, however, when the time comes and the pressure is on, the reality of it is quite daunting! Lord, give us the courage to stand, the willingness to fall, and the readiness to do your will NO MATTER what it may cost us!