Friday, September 26, 2008

What a week!

The rest of our vacation with my parents went rather uneventful due to our "beautiful" Virginia weather...not... we had a northeasterly wind or something like that which blew in a bunch of rain for the rest of their visit. It was such a bummer but we still had a nice time visiting with each other and so on... however, on the morning that they left (this morning actually) we went out to our car to go to town after it sitting for a week almost...and had a little surprise... a mouse had found its way somehow into our car and chewed up a bunch of papers and left its "evidence" in various places around our car... I did NOT want to get into that car, especially after luke raised the hood and saw the hideous creature in there having a good old time!!! UGH So we aren't sure yet what's going to come of all this... I have never heard of that happening before especially in a new car like ours!! Oh pray for me that I don't have a heart attack when this mouse comes jumping out of the glove compartment into my lap!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For the first time since we've been married my parents got to come for a visit; and for the first time EVER my brother got to come down! They insisted on bringing all the groceries and everything for their stay in spite of my protests...but I guess that's them being parents.. :0) But we have had such a nice time and it's been so much fun to have them here for more than a day! We took them to Williamsburg to the Crystal concert and they really enjoyed that. Some day this week we are going to go on a Naval Cruise in Hampton, VA. We have a lot of neat things planned and are already dreading the day they have to go home... but we are thankful for the time we do have and have enjoyed every minute!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Many of you already know that we have just arrived back home from Pioneer Convention. We travelled for the conference this past week with the Marshall's to help promote and raise money for our Pioneer churches. The Lord really helped and we had a nice time. We had one service in the dark due to the storms that were coming that was rather unique! :0) We had 2 oil lamps and 1 LED coleman lantern to light the church... However, it was a good service. We are glad to be back home though and are ready to get back "in the saddle", so to speak, here on the home front... Pray for us as we have some issues that have come up and we need the "wisdom that is from above" to deal with them correctly...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This is our first post on our new blog. As many of you know we've had two other blogs since beign married but this is now our permanant blog site. Our wedding blog will be ending in October and the Xanga blog is only temporary. So from now on this is where you'll hear from us!