Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Teaching Tips

If you are a teacher (Sunday School, Junior Church, VBS leader) in your Church you may have experienced times of frustration over how to handle certain things or behaviors. I would like to share some helpful tips that I have found on an online source with you. Each Tuesday I will try to post a helpful tip for teaching. I will call it "Tuesday's Teaching Tip".

Today's Tip is:
If You Don't Know it, They Won't Learn it.

If you don't have a good handle on your lesson or topic that you are discussing, and don't know it forwards and backwards, it will show. This will cause the kids to lose interest in what you're saying because they will figure if you didn't care enough to study it, why should they care enough to learn it? That doesn't mean you have to be able to answer every off-topic question they ask. It's a great example to say, I'll have to look up the answer to that. But if it's part of the lesson you expect them to learn, you'd better know it.

*Helpful Hint from eBibleTeacher.com

Monday, January 24, 2011

Preserving our Holiness Heritage

Recently I have begun to realize what an incredible Holiness Heritage I have. I grew up with parents who not only loved me, and provided the essentials along with a lot of extras for me; but they made sure that I knew the most important things in life. They taught me values, morals, and Biblical principles. However, they didn't just teach those things to me, they lived them out before me on a daily basis. I have begun to realize that many of our teenagers that are growing up within our Holiness movement today are struggling because they haven't been taught the reasons for WHY we do what we do, or dress like we dress etc. The biggest reasons why they haven't been taught that is because their parents don't know either. How sad!! It is IMPERITIVE that we are not only mere followers in the Holiness way but that we are able to explain it. The Bible says in I Peter 3:15 "...and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear." We are to be able to explain to others what we believe. I would like to challenge you today, if you are reading this post, to get into the Word and discover the WHY'S of our Holiness Heritage. It isn't just a bunch of rules and regulations. There is Scripture to back it up, and the principles are there if we are willing and open before God. If we want to preserve our Holiness Heritage, we must first understand it and believe it ourselves.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Catch Up!

I realize I have been negligent in my blog posting so far this year... It seems I have come up against a blogger's "writing block" recently so I apologize! :0) However, it's time to catch up with all our recent happenings...

At Home:
We have been busy with the usual stuff so far this year. Things are starting to speed up (not that they ever really slowed down but...) as we are revving up for the Spring and Summer rush. I finished getting our end of the tax stuff ready, and will be making an appointment soon to get that taken care of for the next year. Luke took advantage of the rare 50 degree weather, and got some pruning done on our rose bushes and irises. VBS plans are in full swing, and I am excited to get supplies I ordered through various places online. Tonight is Ladies Bible Study with the Ladies in our church.

At Church:
The Lord has been helping us and we have seen some encouraging signs recently. A new contact for our van route was established last week, and we are looking forward to what God may do through the van ministry. We are praying for a increase in growth for our congregation, both spiritually and in numbers. Looking forward to Spring Revival and what the Lord may do in our Church this year.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This past year, Christmas was to be at my parents. We rotate the holidays between our families every year, and so this year it was at my parents. While up there, we got to go to see my grandpa and be there with him for caroling and opening gifts. It was also the first time he got to see his newest great grandchild (who also is his namesake). Little Joey and Grandpa Joe got along just fine. :0) We also got to get a family picture with grandpa. We were missing two of our crew since Jeffrey had a cough, and we didn't want it to spread the germs around. However, it was a good Christmas and we realize once again how truly blessed we are.

Jessica helping Grandpa open his gift.
Grandpa Joe (1922 version) & Little Joey (2010 version) :0)

The kids with their new hats and gloves :0)

Joey sleeping peacefully through the mayhem

A Western Christmas!

This year our Christmas program was a bit untraditional (anyone who knows me, is not overly surprised by this revelation). I wanted to do the Nativity story; however, I felt that it needed a new twist....so...the thought of a Western Christmas began to take form in my little peabrain. I had visions of Mary and Joseph in cowboy hats, Jean and bandannas in the backdrop of a stable with real straw; Shepherds, also in cowboy hats and bandannas, carrying sheep; Wisemen dressed likewise, but riding stick horses instead of camels; and the Heavenly Host....well...we only gave them bandannas and red belts... So, my vision soon became reality, and here you have our Western Christmas in full color! :0) A couple in our church decided we also needed to be "westernized", thus our western shirts etc... We told the same old, but wonderful story of our Savior's birth in a new way. We had a wonderful turnout and were so happy to see many of our van children's parents there!