Saturday, July 31, 2010

VBS in Ohio

We did VBS for my home church up in Ohio again this year. Our theme was "The Gospel Express-All Aboard for Glory!". Our average for the week was somewhere around 40 kids, and they were excellent to work with! I used the Wordless Book as a base for my Bible lessons; and every day we had people try to get on the train by sneaking on, buying the wrong ticket etc.... The kids really got into that! :0) I used "A Miracle for Samuelito" for my continued story here to go along with the Wordless Book idea.

Dad and frank trying to get onto the train

Telling the Samuelito story

Everyday we wore the color of the day that we were going to talk about in the Wordlesss Book

Oh to be young again...

Last night we had our teenagers over for youth night...always an exciting event! :0) We really had a good time...eating tacos, playing games and just being crazy...

Takesha, Nataija, Darius, Cindy and Danielle

Me & Danielle

Danielle and Nataija

Cindy & Nataija playing Yahtzee
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing topped with reese cups...yeah, there were none leftover...

Playing PIT

Takesha & preacher racing at Sudoku
Cindy and I

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunshine, Sand and Smiles!

Last week my parents were able to get away for a few days (kind of the calm before the storm type thing....) and come down here for a visit! We had such a blast! :0) We were able to visit Virginia Beach (found a perfect spot that is nearly all to yourself!!!! ;0) ) and we also took them to Bass Pro Shops! We really enjoyed our time together, but as always, it was WAY TOO SHORT!! Oh well... we're trying to be content with the little visits we do get together... We both needed the little break from the rush and busyness of life, and so it was the perfect retreat...

Dad at Bass Pro Shops
Me & Mom

Our names in the sand..... :0)


Loving the Beach! ;0)