Monday, June 28, 2010

Visit With Grandpa

While we were up north with my family, we got to go visit my grandpa Hunt. He is in the Apastolic Christian Home where they can care for him properly in his present state. He has always been special to me, and even though he may not really know who I am when I go and see him, we always have a good time! We laugh together, and enjoy visiting together... This last time we went, we got to get some pictures with him when we took him on a "walk" around the complex. Love you Grandpa! :0)

Me, Luke, Mom, and Grandpa (It was bright & sunny out!) :0)
Me & my Grandpa--Isn't he cute? :0)

35 years and still in love...!!

Yesterday, June 27th, was my parents (Jeral & Ruth Davis) 35th wedding anniversary! I am so thankful to have such wonderful parents who have been such a awesome example of a Godly marriage! They have showed us, their children, how truly wonderful a relationship can be when you put God first and allow HIM to be the center of your relationship... Thank you mom and dad for being such a beautiful example!! Love you bunches!! Congratulations!

This photo was taken 2009 on our family vacation while at Virginia Beach...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A girls day out...

While I was up North this time doing a VBS at my home church, we decided to take a morning and go to one of our favorite places--well, the girls in the family anyways... :0) Me, mom, my sister Jen, niece Jessica, Aunt Karen, Cousins kari, Karibeth, Kasi, and Kayleigh met up at a tea room near Portage Lakes for a afternoon tea. The girls got to play dress-up while they waited for their lunch to come. We had a really fun time! Before we met up at the tea room though, me, mom, Jen & Jessica took some pictures out on the dock of Portage Lakes.... It's always fun making memories!! :0)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My husband's family has been kayaking for some time now...however, I have never attempted it because I don't know how to swim. However, they persuaded me to try it...and now I'm hooked! ;0) I wore a life jacket of course, but thankfully didn't have to 'test' it to see if it really would work! :0) We really did have a blast though, and I can't wait til I get to do it again! I finally have found my favorite sport!

Remembering a Saint...

Recently our Church family lost a very special member... Sis Esther Sutley was a precious saint, and a very special part of our congregation. Although we will miss her, we know that she is rejoicing in Heaven with Jesus! Her family was singing "We're Marching to Zion" when she slipped from this world into the arms of Jesus. What a glorious Home-Going! What a wonderful example of Holiness she was!

Belated Happy Father's Day!

I realize this is late...however, I thought it "Better late than never!" ;0) We are truly blessed to have 2 of the best father's in our lives... They are always there for us, no matter what the problem or situation. We can always count on them, and that is such a blessing!! Thank you dads for being there and setting good examples! Love you both!!

Luke & his dad-Steve
Me & my dad-Jeral