Friday, April 16, 2010

Catch Up!

I know it's been forever since I've posted on here, but I just have been really busy! :0) However, I do want to update everyone on how the Lord is helping us here at King William. There have been many challenges and yes, even disappointments that have come our way; but God has not forsaken us! We had a wonderful crowd for Easter sunday and were so excited to see new faces! Some of our new van children had their families there, and that is always a blessing to see! We have some very important special prayer requests that we would like for you all to help us pray about. I can't give any details, but the Lord knows all about each issue, and is able to take care of it the way He sees fit! We are happy serving Jesus, and are excited to see how He is going to work on our behalf! This is HIS Church, and HIS people. He knows best how to take care of them! :0)
In other news, last week we went to Ministerial Institute up in Canton, Ohio. We enjoyed staying with my mom while there. My dad was in Belize at the time, so unfortunatly we didn't get to see him. The speakers at the Ministerial this year were Bro. Grile, and Bro and Sis Kratz. On wednesday and thursday for the afternoon session, they split the pastor's and their wives up into two different groups. Bro Grile spoke to the preachers, and Sis Kratz spoke to the preacher's wives.
We have a fairly full next couple weeks with IHC, a visit from our conference president and his wife (Rev and Mrs Cope), and revival with Rev and Mrs Brian Spangler following directly on the heels of one another! :0) I will try to post pictures and news updates for each event but we will see if that happens! ;0)