Friday, November 25, 2011

How We Celebrate Thanksgiving

Since we live so far away from family, we never celebrate any holiday in our own home. However, SINCE we're alone most of the year, we enjoy this time away surrounded by our favorite people! :0) Our Celebration varies from year to year as to the actual events, however there is ALWAYS a common denominator: The BIG Thanksgiving meal! We, like most families, have our favorites that HAVE to be a part of the Thanksgiving dinner each year. For example, my mom makes the BEST Sweet Potato Casserole; my sister usually brings her delectable Cranberry Salad (not your typical stuff...); and since I am the Pumpkin lover of the family,my contribution usually is a Pumpkin Cheesecake or some other dessert made of that wonderful "orange stuff". Of course, that is not ALL that we eat, but those are some of the dishes that make things so extra special.

When it is the year to have Thanksgiving at my in-laws, things are done a little differently. We usually have the meal at my husband's Aunts house where there is enough food prepared and brought in to feed the neighborhood (and in fact, HAS been shared once the festivities were over)! I'll never forget my first Thanksgiving there...his aunt (always afraid there won't be enough food) prepared 3 whole Turkeys, AND a ham, just in case someone didn't care for Turkey... Needless to say, nobody went hungry that year... :0)

After stuffing ourselves silly, we spend time together laughing, sharing, and playing games. This is the main thing that I'm thankful for at this time of year- spending time together with the people I love most, my family!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We have SO MUCH to be thankful for, don't we? This year, I'm going to just list my top 5 things I'm thankful for, and would like for YOU to post your top 5 in the comments box below.

1. The Blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses from all Sin, and gives us access to a relationship with Him!
2. My wonderful Husband Luke, who is the best I could ever ask for!
3. Our little bundle of Joy that is due to arrive in April! :0)
4. Our incredible family!
5. Wonderful friends that are a true blessing to our lives.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

35 Years...

This is belated now, but it is the first time I've been on our computer to post lately! :0) But Sunday, November 6th was my in-laws (Steve and Lynn LaVan) 35th Anniversary! We were actually visiting them on their anniversary this year, but we wanted to wish them a very happy Anniversary and many more!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad LaVan!

Vacation in the Smokey's

We decided this year that it was time we take an actual RELAXING vacation! :0) I know, novel idea, right? So, we spent a few days in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with my parents. The weather was perfect and the scenery gorgeous! Just not long enough... :0)

These pastor's just couldn't get away from Church...

Mom and I found us a new pair of sunglasses! ;0)

Dad trying out to be a scuba diver
As always, I'm the weird one who has to touch the Horseshoe Crabs
A diver was in the tank while we were at Ripley's Aquarium

I get my love of Ice cream from my dad... :0)

Joey's first birthday

First birthdays are always so much fun. Joey, our youngest nephew, just turned 1 on October 8th. We got to be there for his birthday celebration...

Joey trying to figure us all out as we sang to him...
The siblings showing him how to blow out the candle
Nobody had to explain how to dig into the yummy cake though!

"Let's put some in the hair"...

All done! :0) Bath time!

Jerrod's Birthday Celebration

I am WAY behind in posting pictures of events on here... but, better late than never. Our three nephews have birthdays back-to-back, (Aug. 7, Sept. 7, and Oct. 8), so their birthdays are usually celebrated together. Their big party was altogether, but then whenever their Aunt Nana and Uncle Luke were in, we had a small party for each of them. Anyhow, here are the pictures of Jerrod's birthday celebration. He turned 3! :0)

Jeffery is our little daredevil :0)
Opening his lightening McQueen potty chair

Joey, all smiles while sissy pushes him on the swing! :0)