Friday, September 26, 2008

What a week!

The rest of our vacation with my parents went rather uneventful due to our "beautiful" Virginia weather...not... we had a northeasterly wind or something like that which blew in a bunch of rain for the rest of their visit. It was such a bummer but we still had a nice time visiting with each other and so on... however, on the morning that they left (this morning actually) we went out to our car to go to town after it sitting for a week almost...and had a little surprise... a mouse had found its way somehow into our car and chewed up a bunch of papers and left its "evidence" in various places around our car... I did NOT want to get into that car, especially after luke raised the hood and saw the hideous creature in there having a good old time!!! UGH So we aren't sure yet what's going to come of all this... I have never heard of that happening before especially in a new car like ours!! Oh pray for me that I don't have a heart attack when this mouse comes jumping out of the glove compartment into my lap!

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