Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corbin's Visit from Ghana Africa

Jason, Becky and Joel Corbin were at our church for a deputation service on Sunday night. They spent the night with us, and so the next day they had some time, so we were hoping to take them somewhere for a day of fun...however, it dawned a rainy, yucky day, so we had to change our plans a little... We decided on going to Bass Pro Shop since Joel was hoping for a Cabela's and that was the closest we had around here! :0) Plus, my husband and I had never been there, and we figured it was the perfect solution to our rainy day! We really enjoyed our afternoon with them there and Joel had a blast looking at all the neat things, and getting to "shoot" some targets upstairs! (It was laser type guns) All in all, it turned out perfect, and everyone seemed to have a really good time!

Me and Joel--he was driving us! LOL
Joel and his daddy shooting targets Not too bad of a shot... for a 5 yr old! :0)

He wasn't too sure about this bear at first...but since daddy was holding him, he was ok with it!

Jason and Becky looking at the fish aquarium

Trying out the four wheelers!

Just his size...

At our house

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