Monday, August 23, 2010

King William VBS

I know, I know...this is old news now...however, I thought I would still share a few pictures from our VBS here at King William. We had a really good week with a really good group of kids. Actually doubled our attendance from last year, so that was exciting!! ;0) We averaged 20 children this year. Each one is a blessing, and an opportunity to share the gospel with that child. We used the same theme here that we did all summer, however, here we built different props so that we wouldn't have to transport the big heavy props that we used elsewhere. The last night we invited the parents to join us at the parsonage for a picnic. We had almost 50 there that evening, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves in spite of the overwhelming heat! On sunday we had the program to present what the children learned throughout the week, and again had several parents join us. We never know what impact we can have on these precious children... It's SO IMPORTANT that they learn about Jesus at a young age!!

Some of the mothers that came for the picnic
Preacher telling a Bible story

Our train depot

The Train Engine--Each child got their picture taken in it and was sent home with it on sunday

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