Monday, April 11, 2011

Happiness That Money Cannot Buy

Many people believe that as long as they are rich they will always be happy. What a sad mistake. While it is possible for you to be happy and be rich at the same time; money does NOT buy happiness. Riches have the potential of tying one down to the things of this world, putting you in bondage to those things, and making you miserable. So what does bring true happiness?

True happiness is knowing the joy of Salvation. The words of this song by the Mark Trammel Trio says it so well... "Real happiness is following Jesus. Happiness is serving the Lord. Real happiness is knowing the joy of Salvation! And you'll never know real happiness 'til you know the Lord." There is a void inside of each one of us that can only be filled by Jesus Christ. He has designed us to NEED Him in order to be truly happy. It isn't a drudgery to serve Jesus and to do what pleases Him, because He fills us with a joy and a peace that we cannot find anywhere else. He makes it more that just "worth it" to serve Him!

Riches may last for a short time, but the joy that Jesus gives us will last for eternity. But let's not just hoard that joy and enjoy it for ourselves. We need to share it with the lost and dying world around us. They need to hear that Jesus can satisfy the longing in their soul and that He can give real joy and happiness. Let's determine to share Jesus with those we meet so that they too can have real happiness in serving the Lord.

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