Monday, May 16, 2011

An Unexpected Blessing

Since my parents and us are both in the ministry, we rarely get to celebrate holidays such as Mother's Day together since we both are needed at our respective churches. This year was no exception, however, we did get to see our mothers around Mother's Day this year. My home church in Barberton, Ohio has a Mother Daughter Banquet every year. Usually it is on the friday night before Mother's Day, but this year due to scheduling they had it on the monday after. This made it possible for me to attend it with my mom, sister and niece. Unfortunately, part of the deal was that I do the Devotional for the evening... :0) In spite of that, we enjoyed attending one together for the first time in years!

As a surprise to our mom we sang a song entitled, "To Know Your Jesus Too". We roped our brother into singing it with us... :0)

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