Friday, February 10, 2012

Preparing for a Bundle of Joy

For being such small little things, babies require quite a bit of preparation before their arrival! I've always "known" that in the back of my mind; but now that I'M the one doing the preparing, it can be a bit overwhelming! However, the joy of the occasion, most certainly outweighs the "work" involved! :0)

The doctor visits were the first step in "preparing" of course. When we found out that we were expecting our little bundle of joy, we were thrilled beyond words. The first impulse was to run out and start buying things right away; but we refrained from doing any buying until we found out what our little bundle would be (at least I HOPE they are that we have bought things for a girl...). However, as soon as we were told, we went out and did a baby registry! Since we have family in 2 other states (besides ours), we registered at 3 different places to make it easier for those not close to one or the other stores. Of course, everything from bottles to a bath tub (a baby one of course...) are on there as we anticipate taking care of our sweet bundle of joy.

Next, we began clearing out the room that is to be the nursery. We had a bunkbed in that room that needed to be gotten rid of, and I just happened to have a sister who was in need of another bunkbed, so...that solved that problem! My parents and a wonderful friend came down to our house and repaired the closet ceiling (which had a leak that was turning into a moldy mess) and transported the bunkbed up to my sisters. Then things could begin in earnest. My sweet husband washed down the walls and used a magic eraser to get most of the ugly marks off (since we live in a parsonage and weren't able to paint the room,we did the next best thing!). After rearranging and removing the rest of the things in the room (and moving a recliner in), it was ready for the baby furniture to be moved in! What an exciting time that was when we finally got the crib and changing table set up! :0) My in-laws purchased those items for us, and came down to help put them together. The curtains went up next and the room FINALLY began to look like a bonifide nursery!

Since then, I have begun working on the rest of the decor! The letters of our babies name (which for now, I will not post on here...) were decorated with ribbon and paints and hung on the wall above the crib. Next, I decorated the Wall Art I had bought to look like ladybugs and they will be put up soon! (pictures will be posted at a later time, since I would like our family to see it first)

Many precious articles of clothing have been purchased already in anticipation for our "little lady's" arrival, and I'm sure many are yet to come! :0) With two baby shower's scheduled soon, who knows what all she will end up with! :0)

All in all, it has been one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. What a miracle God performs when He creates a new life. Everytime we see our litte one on the ultrasound we thrill again at how marvelous our God is. Truly we are "fearfully and wonderfully made" by our awesome Creator!

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