Monday, January 5, 2009

AWC Quartet Visit

"Proclaim" and Mr and Mrs Tom Sanders and Colin
I need toys at my house! All he had to play with were coasters! LOL

Pulling Out

Wesley and Tim listening to stories

Rachel and Rhonda looking at wedding pictures; and Susanna listening in on the stories..

Sunday night "Proclaim", the mixed quartet from AWC, came to our church. After Church they came over to the parsonage for a snack and spent the night with us. Tim and Wesley actually stayed over at Sis Barbara and Sis Arlene's house since we have limited sleeping space. So a big Thank You!!! to the ladies for helping us out! :0) We had a blast though talking and carrying on! LOL Bro Tom Sanders and Luke enjoyed talking about "old times". They stayed for breakfast this morning and left around 10 ish. And, of course, Colin (Tom and Rachel's little boy) kept us all entertained! :0)

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