Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Newsy Requests

Well things have been surprisingly calm in the LaVan household for a few days. However, they're about to get a little more hectic... before I go into that though, I thought I'd share a little humerous thing that happened this morning... At about 7:30 am our doorbell rang. Highly my husband went to the door and it was a guy from the furnace place coming to fix our compressor that they already fixed last saturday... actually it was a different company I guess than who actually fixed it so I'm not sure where this company comes in...anyhow, it was really crazy and something that would probably only happen to us! LOL So, anyhow... tomorrow morning a young boy in our church (Claude Garis for those of you who may know him) is going in for surgery on his foot. He will be in a wheelchair for several weeks following the surgery so if you think about him over the next few days (especially tomorrow at 6:30 am) pray that all will go well and the surgery will correct his problem. In other news... Saturday is a baby shower for Rachel in our church. Its a family/Church shower combined. Hoping that all goes well for her over these last few weeks of pregnancy! Wouldn't hurt to keep her in your prayers also! :0)

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