Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleep Deprived Craziness

Wow...what a week! LOL First of all, wednesday night we had "cottage prayer meeting" with Sis Barbara and Arlene because the Garis family had left for Southern WV camp already... then we left thursday morning to spend two days at Southern WV Camp in Princeton, West Virginia. The Lord really helped in the services! Then on Saturday morning we left our motel around 5:45 AM to head home...when we got home around 11:00 AM, Luke went right to mowing the yard (Bro Hodak was doing the trimwork) and I unloaded the car, started the laundry and straightened up the house before heading over to the church to help Sis Crystal with the new Junior church theme decorating. After we finished, they took us out to eat at Subway before they headed home and we headed off to do the rest of our stuff. We cleaned the church and grocery shopped before heading home to study (well, my husband studied) and finish laundry and cleaning duties... Sunday morning we didn't have sunday school, but just regular morning worship because of the Garis family being gone. We picked up two of our teenagers-Danielle and Darius--for church. I ended up having to lead the singing because Sis Crystal could hardly talk due to allergies! LOL Oh my! I have NEVER lead the singing before..but anyhow... We had a good service and then the teens came over to our house for lunch. We had a nice time with them and it's always good to be able to share our table with our people. Today we're dragging a little bit, but too many things to get done! :0)

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