Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Vacation- Virginia Beach

On thursday we went to Virginia Beach...We had an absolute blast!! The weather looked like it might rain, but when we got there it didn't...So...that meant we didn't have to contend with "scantily clad" individuals and we had a portion of the beach all to ourselves! The kids, my sister, mom and Jeff (my sister's husband) all waded in, but the rest of them didn't want to get coated in sand for the ride back... We didn't care though! Oh what fun to feel the wind in your face and the waves at your feet! :0)

This is Jerrod (the one yr old)...he wasn't sure what to think! LOL
Me and my mommy
My sweetheart and me! :0)

My mom and Dad---still sweethearts after 30 some years! :0) (sorry I always forget the exact amount of years!) :0)

My mom, Jeffery, me, Jessica and Jennifer wading in and waiting for the waves!

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