Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saying Goodbye...

Most of you are aware by now that we are going to be losing a very important part of our congregation soon. Sis Barbara and Sis Arlene (who we affectionately call "The Ladies") are going to be moving up north to Pennsylvania in a few weeks. We have really enjoyed having them as a part of our congregation, and have become rather attached to them; and hate to see them go. They are currently our pianist and organist, so after they leave that will leave me as the pianist (help us all!) ;0). This past saturday, the church people met at a local restaurant to have a "farewell party" for the Ladies. They will be greatly missed by their King William Church family, but we pray that God will make them a blessing wherever they are. We love you Sis Barbara and Sis Arlene!

The Church gave them this picture as a keepsake to remember us by

Opening the card from the Church

Bro Ron and Sis Kate


Bro Bobby and Sis Jane Ann

The Hodak Family (Nathan, Bro Steve and Sis Crystal)

Sis Esther Sutley

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