Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving With the Davises

This year was the year for Thanksgiving with my family. We got to spend wed afternoon through saturday morning with them. It was a special treat to get to attend wednesday night prayer meeting at my home church too! :0) Luke assisted dad in serving communion, and my mom and sister MADE me play the Kurzweil (The electric keyboard) with them. LOL Then on Thanksgiving day we ate ourselves silly. So...of course the next day we made Christmas cookies (about 21 dozen I think) because we won't be together before Christmas to do them. Boy was that interesting! LOL We made Peanut butter blossoms, mint crinkles, raspberry ribbons, and melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin cookies. I think we ate about half of them on that day. LOL No, not really... We also tried to take a group picture of all of us, but we had to prop the camara up on the lamp shade to take them so... LOL Still, they turned out pretty decent. :0)

This was at church on wednesday night--me and my brother's girlfriend, Pam.

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