Saturday, December 12, 2009

Top 5 Winter Favorites

Here we are again, well into another season. So guess what that means? You're right! Time for the Top 5 favorites again! Remember the rules, I will post MY top five, and then it's YOUR turn... Post your top 5 in the comments box or email them to me...

1.) Decorating for Christmas
2.) Relaxing around the Christmas Tree
3.) Christmas Cookies (Baking & Eating) ;0)
4.) *Christmas*
5.) Being with family and friends around the holidays

I could post so many more things but these are probably my top five...

1 comment:

Christy said...

Hey Joanna,
Your TOP 5 look like mine, so I will try to come up with something different.
1)Driving Around at night looking at Christmas Lights
2)Christmas Music in general (Christmastime by Michael W. Smith is my TOP Christmas CD of all time!!)
3)Last Minute Christmas Shopping (it might be stressful, but I LOVE it!!
4)Little Kids dressed up like Mary, Joseph and all the various characters in the Christmas Story
5)MOST favorite thing about Christmas *Christmas Eve at my Grandparents with all the family*