Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorations at the LaVans

I love decorating for Christmas, and my sweet husband tolerates it for my sake. :0) He is incredibly sweet, patient, and all around wonderful about lugging it all down from the attic and helping me put it all up. I couldn't ask for a better husband! Anyhow, so I have had my Christmas tree and other inside decorations up for a couple weeks now; but just got to decorate the outside today! Yay! However, it was sort of a bitter sweet experience because all of my outside decorations were given to us by the "Ladies" (Sis Barbara & Arlene) who most of you know, have moved up the Pennsylvania recently. A big thank you to them for sharing their decorations with us though! The sun was shining right into the camara, so some of the pictures of the outside are a little washed out... You can get the main idea though...

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