Thursday, September 30, 2010

Top 5 Favorite things about Fall...

I did this last year, and since this is my favorite season, I thought I would do it again. I will list my top 5 favorite things aobut fall, and then it will be your turn! Please post your top 5 favorites in the comments portion of this post, or email them to me at I will post the over-all top five favorites once I hear from you all! :0)

My Top Five
1. The burst of colors!
2. The Spicy Smells(pumpkin, cinnamon, etc)
3. The delicious food (Pumpkin Everything, Apple
pie, Sweet Potato Bake, Caramel Apples etc)
4. The cooler weather ( I love to wear Hoodies!)
5. Bonfires and Roasting Marshmallows

Don't forget to share your favorites! :0)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Joanna, this is Sharon K.--I was the one at camp who asked you for the email so I could get VBS train info from you. My favorite 5 things about fall are: Our anniversary on Oct. 2, gorgeous trees and flowers such as mums, cooler & brilliant sunny blue days, bonfires with marshmallow and wiener roasts, and hayrides for snuggling with my hubby!