Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Worth it All...

The above picture is of me with my maternal grandparents at my high school graduation in 2006...

Sunday marked the 3 year anniversary of my Grandma Hunt's passing. She went home to be with Jesus on September 5, 2007. I was always very close to my grandma... I have many good memories of her that I will forever treasure. It is never easy to lose a loved one...but we can have a peace that comes with the assurance that they are in Heaven with Jesus. While on earth, my grandma suffered with almost complete blindnes... What an awesome thought, that now she is seeing Jesus face-to-face!! She also went through a very tragic time in her life when her 9 year old son was burnt to death while she stood by helpless and unable to do anything for him... Now she is getting reaquainted with Joey and walking hand-in-hand with him on those beautiful golden streets!

We may never understand why God allows some of the things He does to come into our lives; but if my grandma were able to talk to us today, she would without a doubt say, "It IS worth it all when we see Jesus!".

As much as I loved and now miss my grandma, I would never want to bring her back... But my goal is, however, to meet her in Heaven someday!!

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