Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Family Fun

Here are some recent pictures of our family. I'm known as the family "shutter bug" so-to-speak, so I'm usually the one to capture the special (since I think EVERY moment with family is special) moments in our lives. :0)

Jen, Jeff, Jerry and Elizabeth getting ready to head out :0)
Jerry and Elizabeth

Joey- 5 months
Jerrod-2 1/2

Jen & Jeff

Jessica and Daddy

Jessica and Jeffery with daddy

Our little "cool dude" Jerrod showing off his sunglasses


Dreamin' said...

Hey, somehow (I don't remeber:( ) I found your blog!... It was great "catching up" with it and glad you guys are doing well. :)

Sherry Sherron said...

You have a beautiful family. Is Jennifer your sister? I have just recently found her wonderful blog and wondered who she was. I guess now I know! I enjoy all our your updates also. Your teaching tips were very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

The LaVans said...

Yes Sherry, Jennifer is my sister! ;0) I have a link on my blog to her blog. She's a good writer! :0)