Friday, December 9, 2011

How We Christmas Shop

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Ever hear the phrase, "shop til you drop"? Well, that's not me...I am probably totally unusual in this area...but what's new right? :0) Shopping is not one of my favorite things, but I do like to get something special for family members at Christmas time. However, due to the size of our family ( size I mean the number of members), we are not able to buy for everyone anymore. Our main focus is usually on the niece and nephews! Kids are so much fun to buy for that it is hard for me not to spoil them! :0)

Unlike probably most of you, not even the prospect of getting a fantastic gift for the kiddos can entice me to go shopping on Black Friday! I absolutely DETEST big crowds and long lines; so I generally do my shopping little bits at a time. I usually have a good idea of what I'm looking for before heading into the store, so none of this aimless, up-and-down-every-aisle shopping for me! (I TOLD you I'm not a shopper...) I go in, check for the best deal on the item I'm looking for, check out, and I'm out of there!

Maybe you think I'm a wet blanket...and maybe you're right. However, to me, the best part of Christmas is not the presents, it's spending time with my family. So, I suppose that is where I put my focus at Christmas time...sorry to disappoint you all! :0) Happy Shopping!

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Judy @ Contented at Home said...

You are definitely NOT alone in not liking crowds and long lines! I do almost all of my Christmas shopping online to avoid all that stress. ;-)

Jessica said...

Joanna! You called me normal. Bless you! ;)