Friday, December 2, 2011

How We Decorate for Christmas

I usually decorate for Christmas a little earlier than most people. I like to have it up in time so we can enjoy it, because after Christmas is over it's just not as much fun anymore! :0) So our decorations were up the week before Thanksgiving this year... Partly because we travel to see family the week of Thanksgiving, so putting them up the day after is not usually an option for us. Anyhow, as with my fall decorations, most of our Christmas decorations have been given to me over the years as gifts. The tree, however, is special to me because it was my Grandma's tree that I received after she passed away. Since I also have her living room furniture, it seemed fitting to leave the decorations the same color (and several of the very same ornaments she used). As a result, our tree is done in Silver, White and Pink. I do like to collect Snowmen so I have a few pieces that were given to me that I enjoy putting out each year. My dream is to someday have one of those little lit up Christmas villages to add to my decor. However, since they are a bit out of our price range right now, we just made do with some of the smaller pieces I found for cheap. :0) As far as outside decorating goes...I usually like to do the garland on my banisters entwined with white lights, wreaths, and swags under my front windows. However, this year was a little different since we're expecting our first child, I decided just to do things a little more simple. I still hung a wreath or two and put the swags under the windows, but no garland or lights this year for our house. Sometimes though...simple is better. :0)

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Jessica said...

Very pretty! I love the swags under the windows. It's really special that you have your grandmother's tree.
Christmas was always especially meaningful to me when I was expecting one of our children. I guess I felt like I could relate to Mary just a teeny bit, and imagine what she must have thought and felt at that special time.
Thanks for sharing these photos!

Judy @ Contented at Home said...

You definitely have a knack for decorating--everything is so "perfect." :-) And I love the colors used on your Christmas tree!
You are so far ahead of me . . . our tree has to wait until new carpet is installed next Friday. {sigh}