Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Update

Now that we're married, things are obviously done differently around holidays and so on...So...since we spent Thanksgiving with luke's family; we spent Christmas with mine. I don't have the pictures ready yet but I will be putting them on soon. It was fun watching the kids open their gifts...however, not so fun when you get to be the one to put them together and get them unpackaged! LOL My niece, Jessica, got a do-it-yourself guess who got to help her with that? You guessed it! Aunt Joanna because, after all, I worked at Build-a-bear! :0) However, they make you sew the whole thing in those kits not just its back! GRR LOL But we got it done and it looks halfway decent at least. LOL Jeffery spent his time with all his new "power tools" that he got... even trying to use them to put Jerrods new jungle gym together! LOL Kids are a hoot! Jerrod just ate, slept and entertained us all...LOl Boy are they all growing fast!

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