Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Reason for the Season

On the way home from Thanksgiving I tried to use my time wisely (instead of wasting 8 hours just sitting and looking at the scenery fly by...LOL)...So I typed our Christmas letter. My dear husband helped me put stamps on them and get them ready to go last night before heading out the door for Wednesday night prayer meeting. So today I got them put in the mail and hopefully will get the rest of our Christmas mail out by the end of this week! However, last night was class meeting so James Garis had the service. He brought out the thought of when Christ came as a baby to this earth there was "no room" for Him... Even today in our society there is still "no room" for Christ. People have tried to take Christ out of Christmas for years...We must remember and keep in mind the reason for the season... It is Christ's birthday and THAT is the reason we celebrate! Let's try our best to keep our Christmas celebration focused on Christ this year...

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