Monday, February 9, 2009

Kids will be Kids

I normally wouldn't share something along these lines on such a public place; however, I just thought this one was too funny to keep to myself. Plus, I know that you all will understand the situation and why I shared it with you. Many of you have heard stories about our infamous Thomas... He has been a source of many illustrations and laughs for us over the past few months. First let me give you some background information... the first thing he does when he comes into the sunday school class on sunday morning (I teach the primary class) is open the window... No matter if it is 10 degrees or 70 degrees, it doesn't seem to matter. Since he is such an active child, I try to choose my battles with him and so this is one I let him win (sometimes...). So, nothing was much different this past week. He came in, opened the window, and promptly sat on the window ledge. I ignored it for a little while (since it was a beautiful 71 degrees out) but when he started popping the screen out I thought I should say something. So I told him to get down and sit on the bench...I admit, I was NOT prepared for his response... He said (and I will not say exactly the word he used...) , "But I (passed gas)!" And sure enough, we soon realized he was telling the truth...and I was wishing I had allowed him to sit up on the window ledge for a little while longer... LOL With him, you just NEVER know what he will do next...

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