Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Authors

I realize that this is not the most exciting post for some of you to read...however, I am a very avid reader... In fact, I spend time reading probably more than I should. It is my way to relax and unwind I guess. Anyhow, if by chance, some of you are like have found that all your favorite authors just don't write fast enough! LOL I have a list of several of my "favorite" authors but I have read all of the books that they have put I began looking for new authors that held the same values that I enjoy reading. First of all, I'll list some of my favorite authors to give you an idea of my reading style: Ted Dekker, Brandilyn Collins, Terri Blackstock, Jan Karon, Beverly Lewis. I feel like I'm missing some but that at least gives you an idea... So when i was looking for new authors I mentioned it to my aunt; so she suggested Colleen Coble to me, and of the books that I have read I really have enjoyed them... Kathy Herman is another new author that I have really enjoyed reading. So...if you have any good authors to suggest please do so by leaving it in the comments box! I'm sure we will all benefit from it!


raspberrygirl said...

Check out Wanda Brunstetter. She writes Christian Amish Fiction. She is a good author. Also, Karen Kingsbury is a good author. Some don't like her books, but I find that she writes very true/real-to-life fiction.

Also, since you blog you might be interested in this. You can get free books (fiction and non-fiction) from some Christian book companies as long as you promise to read the book, post a review on your blog and on a online retailer's website (like Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, etc.)
I know of at least 3 companies that do this.
Here are the websites...

Hope this helps!

raspberrygirl said...

Looks like you'll have to copy and paste the links... sorry!

D Wright said...

I am looking for good, new authors too. I have loved reading all of Jan Karon's books and enjoy her website at Thanks for your suggestions and for sharing your ideas.