Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday Antics

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. To start with, our bus children were pretty wild, which isn't that unusual except we had a new little one to add to the mayhem...she was a very hyper active and independant 3 year old. So you can imagine that she added quite a spice to the sunday school hour as well as Junior church! :0) We are always happy to have new ones come and join us, however, I think setting an age limit is a wise idea... LOL We also had another new girl come this sunday but she was older and was actually pretty quiet and reserved. Sunday evening we picked up 3 teenagers for night service. It is always such a blessing to have them interested in coming to the evening service. However, we are going to be losing one of our most faithful teens in a few months... she will be graduating from high school and is planning on going to college some distance away. We will miss her a whole lot! I just hope that what she has learned here at church will stay with her and she will give her heart to Jesus someday. Please keep us and our teenagers in your prayers.

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