Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun Times with our Teens

We try to have a youth night each month, however, now that our teens are getting older, they have jobs, college, and responsibilities of their own that make it hard to settle on a date that will work. We did manage, however, to set a date where they could all make it. There were 5 of them that night and we had fun. We ate sloppy joes, chips, cake and ice cream; then played cosmic keepaway and pit. Lots of action and noise! Wild times, but fun. :0) We love each one of them, and pray that they will serve Jesus. That is the ONLY way to find true love, happiness and success in life.

Me and Cindy
"The Girls": L-R Keisha, Danielle, Cindy, TayTay and Me

The whole group: keisha, Danielle, Cindy, Preacher, TayTay, Me and Darius
Playing Pit-Danielle and Cindy---keisha didn't like the camara... :0)

Preacher, Darius, TayTay, Keisha (caught her off guard!) :0)

Our teens after eating...a bit wound up after chocolate...
Darius-the only one who actually Cooperated! LOL

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