Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Western Christmas!

This year our Christmas program was a bit untraditional (anyone who knows me, is not overly surprised by this revelation). I wanted to do the Nativity story; however, I felt that it needed a new twist....so...the thought of a Western Christmas began to take form in my little peabrain. I had visions of Mary and Joseph in cowboy hats, Jean and bandannas in the backdrop of a stable with real straw; Shepherds, also in cowboy hats and bandannas, carrying sheep; Wisemen dressed likewise, but riding stick horses instead of camels; and the Heavenly Host....well...we only gave them bandannas and red belts... So, my vision soon became reality, and here you have our Western Christmas in full color! :0) A couple in our church decided we also needed to be "westernized", thus our western shirts etc... We told the same old, but wonderful story of our Savior's birth in a new way. We had a wonderful turnout and were so happy to see many of our van children's parents there!

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