Monday, May 4, 2009

Catching Up!

Sister Dye in Williamsburg in front of "her" store! ;0)
Us in front of the fountain at the Jamestown visitors center

The Dyes in front of the same fountain

Wow! What a week! We just finished revival last night with John and Shirley Dye. We had a wonderful revival and the Lord's presence was felt in the services. Sunday morning was the "climax" I suppose you could call it... there were several seekers at the altar; and one major victory won! We are trusting the Lord to continue to help us!

Since they were down here so close to Williamsburg, the Dyes wanted to take some time and go look on thursday (I'm pretty sure that's what day it was LOL) we took them 0ver there. We also stopped over at Jamestown area just to look around (the tickets to do anything were WAY too expensive!) But it turned out to be a really nice day to go. We had a lot of rain and gloomy days this past week so we weren't sure if it was going to work out for us to go... But thankfully it did! :0)

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Shirley Dye said...

We loved every minute of our stay! And, thank the Lord for the victories won during the revival. Come see us!!