Monday, May 11, 2009

A Quacking Good Time

Today we got in to Ohio and spent the evening with my parents, and my sister and her family...We ate at a restaurant called the Barn, and the kids were able to feed the ducks afterwards! What fun! Jeffery (the 3 year old) got a little scared when they came right up and surrounded him to get at the bread he had in his hand! LOL He was so frightened when they all came at him that he didn't give them any bread; so they tried to peck it out of his hand! LOL He REALLY was apprehensive after that! :0) Jessica, on the other hand, (the 7 year old) wanted to get one close enough to pet it...however, once we were out of bread, they were done with us! LOL It was really cute though, and I just had to share these pictures!

Jeffery on the swings
Jeffery and Jessica after feeding the ducks

Here we are trying to get them all fed! LOL

Jessica instructing them to share with the others LOL

Jessica feeding the "mama" duck---can't leave her out!

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