Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Congrats Grads!

Saturday night we had a graduation Party for Nathan Hodak and Danielle Coleman from our church. All of the church people chipped in and helped bring in the food and we had quite a buffet! :0) Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. The church also remembered their pastor for his ordination-with a beautiful cake and the full set of the picture encyclopedia of the Bible (not sure of the exact name of it because I'm in Ohio and don't have it right in front of me! Sorry! )

Nathan and Darius (Danielle's brother)
Darius and Danielle

The Grads--Danielle and Darius (the star of the show! LOL)

Pastor Luke with his ordination cake

Nathan and Danielle with their Graduation Cake

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Anonymous said...

Awwww ... NEATO!!! I didn't ... HEAR ... about the church remembering ... their Reverend ... That is a NICE SURPRISE!! Thanks for sharing! ... I love the Grads PIXS!! Congrats to Nathan and Danielle!! I read their names in the Wesleyan Methodist as King Wm grads!! ... PA MUM