Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Your Typical Sunday

We had a little extra excitement that we weren't planning for on Sunday morning...On the way to drop the kids off at home after church, the van decided to konk out on us on the side of the road...So...since we were a little over a mile from where most of the kids were supposed to be dropped off, Luke decided to walk them home. Well thankfully after about a mile they finally got ahold of their parents who came and picked them up... I was still back in the van with two of the "kids"-one was Danielle, our faithful teenager, and her sister Dasharra (4 yr old). Well, needless to say she got a little restless, so she ate about 3 suckers that we had left over from earlier in the week! LOL (They were the small flat ones, so don't worry! LOL) Eventually we all got home but it was a very hot and sweaty wait!

Luke walking back from taking the kids home
Here's Fayzon and Dasharra before the van quit

Me, Danielle, and Dasharra waiting along the side of the road
Our poor van sitting all dejected along the roadside

This was the kids we had with us at the time of the van konking out...approx 12...

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