Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Top 5's

I don't know about you, but I think just about everyone has a favorite season...mine just happens to be Autumn! I love it! However, since we are in summer, I will do my list of top five favorite things about this season, and the top 5 things I dislike about this season...

Top 5 Favorite:
1.) Warm sunny weather
2.) Visiting with family
3.) Hummingbirds
4.) Fishing (when we get the chance)
5.) Vacation (sometimes)

Top 5 UN-Favorite:
1.) Hot, blistering heat
2.) Humidity
3.) Weeks and Weeks away from home
4.) Allergies
5.) Unclothed people

I will try to do my top 5's for every season from now on... just for fun! :0) Oh, and I would love to hear YOURS too! You can email them to me at or post them to the comments box on this post! :0) Thanks!


Lady Jen said...

Ooh! This is a hard one!

1. lazy evenings playing outside
2. warm sunny weather
3. vacations
4. farmer's markets
5. day trips (zoo, berry picking, etc.)

Not too many "not-likes"--probably just that I miss the structure of school days. I'm not too much of a "free spirit"!

Donna "Durfee" Fogle said...

your site is always interesting!! I think some of the people who attend your church know Donna "Durfee"