Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Sweetest Day Family!

Sweetest day is tomorrow, and while it is normally thought of as a holiday for "Sweethearts"; I think it's a good time to let everyone in your family know they are special to you and loved. So today, I've included pictures of all our "immediate" family that we want to let know that we love them!

Lori (Luke's Sister & My favorite Sis-in-Law) :0)
We love you and are glad you are a part of our lives (although distant in miles at this point!) :0)
Keep encouraged as you labor for the Lord in your teaching job!
Jerry (My brother & Luke's favorite Bro-in-Law) :0)
So glad you are part of our family! We love you and are proud of all you've accomplished!! You've always been my favorite brother, don't forget it! :0)
My sister and her family: Jeff, Jennifer, Jessica, Jeffery, and Jerrod
Wish we lived closer to you all so we could watch those "Crumb Crunchers" grow up! :0) We love you all and savor each visit we have with you!

My Mom and Dad
Thank you for all the things you all have done for us. We always know that you are there for us and are backing us up with hours of prayer! We love you bunches!

Luke's Mom and Dad
Thank you both for your support of your children... You're just a phone call away when we just need to chat, and we know you've spent much time in prayer on our behalf. We love you lots!
What a privilege is ours to have a family who loves us and supports us in prayer! We love each one of them and thank the Lord for allowing us to have such a wonderful family! :0)


Lady Jen said...

Aww....thanks for the sweet comments. We love you too!

teacherprincess said...

Thanks so much!!! Love you too!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely family!