Thursday, October 8, 2009

Think they aren't listening?

A couple sunday's ago, the Junior Church lesson was on the fruits of the Spirit and how we need them in our lives...I did an object lesson with fake "seeds" to demonstrate my point. We "planted" the fruits of the spirit, "buried" them in God's Word (the soil), and watered them with "good stuff". We then 'talked" to our seeds to help them to grow (talking to God in prayer). Anyhow, one of our youngest "members" in junior church went home and told her mommy that she needed to plant the fruits of the Spirit. Her mom was trying to figure out exactly what she was talking about and finally the little girl said, "yes mommy, we need to plant them to make us feel better! " LOL She said the seeds were watermelon, strawberry and ice cream flavor. LOL Well... she may not have gotten the entire point of the object lesson, but for a 4 year old I thought that was pretty good! LOL Just an encouraging word to all you children's workers out there--even when you don't THINK they're listening, they seem to somehow absorb at least a little of what your trying to get across! :0) Keep encouraged and remember, your reward is in Heaven!

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