Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Junior Church Theme!

Friday we changed the theme in our junior church room. The new theme is now "Life's Road Trip: where every day choices affect our daily lives". I may have that slightly different than what she actually called it, but its similar to that anyways! LOL I can't think of it exactly at the moment...Anyhow, Sis Crystal Hodak is our junior church leader and she does a wonderful job of coming up with ideas! She does all the hard work and me and another lady in the church help her out by doing lessons and decorating. As you can see, she does a FANTASTIC job of decorating! :0) She incorporated fall decor into this theme since we're obviously into that time of year.

The gray area is going to be a road with cars for each child with their picture. I will post that when it is finished.

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