Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Visit From the Copes

I mentioned in my last post that Bro and Sis Cope would be at our church on Sunday night. Well, now I can give you an update on how it all went. First of all, Sunday morning was quite an "exciting" time...our kids were more hyper than usual, however, we were glad to see an increase in number. We also had a girl come that hasn't been here in almost a year! Thank the Lord!

Sunday evening the Copes arrived at our house around 4:30 PM and we got to visit a little bit before the service. Bro Ron picked up the "girls" for us so we didn't have to leave our company. (Thank you again Bro Ron!) Bro Cope preached a wonderful message and the Lord really helped in the service! Sister Cope was also a wonderful blessing and played the piano for us! They spent the night with us and left monday morning after breakfast. We had a really good visit with them and they were a blessing to the church people as well. They have alot of responsibility on their shoulders, so lets remember to keep them in our prayers! Anyone with a position like that, no matter the denomination, needs our prayer support. It is easy to just let them carry the load alone, but we need to do our part to support them in prayer.

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