Monday, October 13, 2008


Saturday was James' birthday party cook out and we were invited to it. It was a beautiful day for it and just perfect since their house overlooks the river. It did get chilly as the evening wore on but mostly because of the breeze blowing in off the river. Rachel had made all kinds of food for it and we all enjoyed it so much! There was everything from Hamburgers and hot dogs to ALL of the trimmings!! It was a nice time of fellowship for the church people too. Sunday went pretty well. The Lord really came and helped in our services and there was such a sweet spirit. Our kids were low again even though they all said they would be there... I guess that's just how it goes when you're working with children. In other news...LOL Sarah Palin is going to be in Va Beach and Richmond today. Wish we would have known about it ahead of time!! They said there's just crowds and crowds of people. She's not scheduled to speak in Richmond until 2:00 pm but at 10:00 am they said the streets were just bumper to bumper with cars going to the center where she will be speaking. At least that's encouraging! LOL Well, I guess that's all my news for now... until next time!

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