Monday, October 6, 2008


We finally had our first real company since being married. Of course we've had family stay overnight but I don't consider family company... So this past weekend the Marshall's (our Pioneer Supervisor and wife) were with us from saturday night through sunday night. However, we only got to keep them over night one night because due to their busy schedule they needed to go elsewhere sunday night after church. But, we had a nice time with them!! We joke that they are our "adopted parents" and call them mom and dad. :0) Bro Marshall was telling everyone before coming down here that he was coming to see how good of a cook I was and if I could cook better than luke. Well, I don't think we're in a contest but at least he did say that I passed the test with flying colors! LOL I think it helped his decision along when I made one of his favorite desserts (pecan pie). Anyhow, it was a really nice visit and the Lord really came and helped in our services. I took a picture of them on our porch swing so hopefully next time I get on here I can add it!

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