Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Festival

This Picture was actually taken while we were still dating...
When i think of Fall Festivals I usually think of lots of people, craft booths, things for kids, and food booths...Well, the festival we went to today had a few of those things.... and I do mean few! LOL I've never seen a tinier festival in all my life! :0) It was almost comical if it wasn't so pathetic. They only had a food booth; a "band" from some local church singing some gospel songs (which surprised me); a place where you could go and pet a horse and a goat; some blow up things for kids to jump in; and two civil war people or something... as I'm writing this it sounds more impressive than it was in person... i got sort of tickled over it really, but there were cars pulling in one right after another as we were leaving! Amazing... Oh well, it was a cute experience and the perfect day for a festival really. The weather is crisp, cool, and the air carries that distinctive Autumn scent. You do need a jacket to be comfortable though. In other news, as I like to say... Last night we went in to Fredricksburg because we were bored to death and there was nothing to do really because it rained all day. Luke got to go in to a few bookstores and i endured them LOl. Then because today is Sweetest Day, i fixed his favorite breakfast and my LEAST favorite--pancakes. I say that because I am so not a breakfast person...actually to be honest with you, I HATE breakfast. However, I married a man who adores it... how life goes I suppose! LOL Since its Sweetest day... I'll just let you all know that I have the best husband anyone could ever have...I know a lot of you women will argue and say that your man is;and I suppose you have the right to be wrong if you want to... :0) He is the sweetest and most understanding man; even when I'm in a frantic cleaning mood... LOL (only those who know me best will understand that statement) So my point is...I am very blessed to have a husband who is: wonderful, incredible, awesome, sweet, adorable (ok, so you get the point?!) :0) Happy Sweetest Day everyone!

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