Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Planting

Well yesterday was at least a busy day for my husband! LOL I never do much with the outside work because he handles it all. So yesterday was a cloudy day, just perfect for dividing the Irises. We had so many it looked like we had bulrushes instead of irises! He divided them up and had a large bucket full that we gave to a lady in the church to plant for next year, then he had another huge pile left for us to plant. Our plants just exploded this year and grew WAY beyond what we really wanted them to. LOL Our morning glory vine took over our back deck it grew so much! Tomorrow we're going over to James and Rachel's house for a birthday cookout for James. That will be a nice time of fellowship but I hope the weather holds out! We've had beautiful weather this week but of course when you need it to be good weather it always fails you. Anyhow, that's all were up to right at the moment.

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