Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Christmas Bug Has Bitten!

In my family it has always been my dad and I that have put the Christmas tree up and dragged all the decorations out. If ANY decorating got done it was due to my enthusiasm and dad's willingness to help me. LOL Well, now that I'm married things haven't changed much in that regard! LOL My wonderful husband drug (I don't know if that's proper english but...) all the Christmas decorations down from the attic for me and helped with putting the tree in place and then... It was up to me from there! LOL So we have our tree up and half decorated (I need to pick up a few things to finish it off) and all the other decorations are out. I really wanted to decorate outside too but I don't know if we'll get that done this year or not. I might wait til all the stuff goes on sale and buy up for next year. It's pretty cold today and they said we might get some snow flurries some time this week... maybe it will "begin to look a lot like Christmas" in Virginia after all! :0)

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