Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Loss, His Gain

Many of you have already heard about the passing of Rev. Ray Satterfield. He passed away last night while at family night with his church family. It still doesn't seem real to me even as I sit here writing this... He was such a busy pastor and a big influence in the denomination. It's so hard to understand sometimes why things like that happen but we can rest in the knowledge that we know where he is. While we are grieving the loss, he is rejoicing in Heaven with his Savior. We do need to remember Sis Satterfield and their children and grandchildren during this time... God is the God of all comfort and only He can truly be a comfort to them during this time. Bro Satterfield had a long "history" so to speak with luke and I... he was the pastor that Luke did his internship under; he and his wife were influential in luke and I meeting; he had a part in our wedding ceremony; and my dad and him were friends since college days... He will truly be missed by us all...

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Lisa said...

Rev. Satterfield was going to speak at my Grandfather's funeral but sadly died the night before. He spoke with my Grandfather a few times before he died to ensure that my Grandpap would go to Heaven. I have no doubt that my Grandfather was there in the "welcoming committee" to see Rev. Satterfield enter Heaven.

By the way, I know Lori LaVan from school and I remember Luke as a little boy!