Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week Review

Wow... seems like we've been gone from home for a long time but its only been a week! There's so much to catch up on though... I will have to post the pictures later because I haven't gotten the chance to put them on my jump drive to bring them to the library so hopefully I'll get those on soon... Anyhow, where to begin? I guess at the beginning of the week... Monday we travelled up north to attend the calling hours and funeral of Bro Satterfield... Monday was the calling hours from 2-9 and then tuesday was the funeral. It was a touching funeral service with hardly a dry eye in the place. He was truly a loved and respected man and will be missed by many! They estimated 450 people to have attended the funeral and the church was packed! Tuesday night we had to head up to Walnut Creek, Ohio (right in the heart of amish country) for our Pioneer Pastor's retreat at the Carlisle Inn. Bro Jacob Martin (one of my former college professors; and my favorite I might add... LOL) and Bro and Sis Bell from the Franklin Church were the speakers. They all brought very good messages and lectures that encouraged, challenged, and motivated us all to get back in the saddle, so to speak... Thursday we spent at my parents house getting caught up and playing with our niece and nephews who have grown like weeds since we last saw them! Friday I had an eye doc appointment with my old eye doctor and then we headed back down south to come home. We got in a little before midnight last night and got our first phone call at around 8 this morning! LOL ( Which wasn't even for us! ) Oh the joys of living in the parsonage! LOL Just kidding... Anyhow, I think that gives you a pretty good idea how our week went... pictures to come later...

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