Monday, November 3, 2008

Revival Update

James and Rachel at our house Saturday night.
The two soon-to-be mommy's (both having girls as far as we know!)

Earl and Melissa Pelton

Wow what a week! It went pretty fast though to be honest and Earl and Melissa were the EASIEST people to keep in your home for a week! They even put up with all my crazyness rather well! LOL Revival went well though and the Lord was there in every service and really helped Earl with his messages! It was a real blessing to have them here this week! We were all a little on edge all week though because we didn't know when their baby might decide she wanted to make her grand entrance...but so far so good! They left this morning and I told them to be sure to call us when they get home so we know they made it home without any additional passengers!!! :0) Also this week we had James and Rachel over on saturday night for snack after church. It was cute to see the two soon-to-be mommy's together and they had much to talk about! :0) Sunday we had a good group of kids and some of them were ones that haven't come in a while so that's always encouraging to see! Now life's somewhat back to normal...just the two of us again...

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Jennifer said...

Hey girl!
How did you do all the neat stuff on the blog? You'll have to show me how to do it. I may just have to switch back over to blogger! glad you made it through revival.
Love ya,